Randy Jones Bio

Randy Jones, Vice President at Dan Jones Conveyor Trucks, has responsibilities currently in the company as head of research, development and marketing of current and new conveyor truck equipment. Randy is the sole creator and engineer of the Conveyor Transfer Truck Trailer, 'Super Shooter' conveyor, 'Sky Scraper' conveyor and 'Self Loader' conveyor.

Notably, Randy has worked for the company since it's origination in 1996, becoming a partner and Vice President of the company in 1997. While working for Dan Jones Conveyor Trucks as V.P., Randy also put together a dealership agreement with Can America from 2000 until Randy dissolved the agreement in 2003.

Randy has had the opportunity to donate time and involve Dan Jones Conveyor Trucks with Dozer Day every year since 2005. He is also currently serving on the board of directors for SWCA.

The opportunity to work for the company has offered Randy a wide variety of experience in business
and a wealth of knowledge about Conveyor Trucks. Randy is considered a true expert in Conveyor Truck technology and operations and truly has a passion for his industry.

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