We supply the highest quality Topsoil for Gardens &  Sod.

Topsoil is the upper layer of soil, typically the top 2-3 inches, which contains the highest concentration of organic matter and nutrients that support simpler plant life such as grasses, bedding plants and other foliage with shallow root systems. Topsoil is also available as “screened”. Topsoil is the primary manner to improve your planting area although blending in compost, sand or fertilizers will greatly improve the overall quality of your soil.

Organic Matter:  Topsoils should contain at least 2% organic matter but no more than about 10%.  Organic matter is an important component of topsoils.  It contributes to the capacity of soils to hold water and nutrients and tends to improve soil aggregation which makes soils more porous.  This results in excess water draining away more readily and facilitates the flow of air to plants roots.  Organic matter also tends to make soils easier to till.  Too much organic matter in your topsoil, however, may result in a soil that is subject to compaction during the installation phase or afterwards as a result of normal foot traffic.