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Soil & Sand Placement

Serving Vancouver WA | Portland OR | Salem-Keizer OR

Installing and placing soil and sand is quick and easy with Dan Jones. In addition to providing aggregate materials like soil and sand, we also transport and place them for you eliminating time, stress, and labor.

Our conveyor trucks can load up to 20 tons of materials at a time and place those materials in hard-to-reach locations, without disturbing nearby areas. Retaining walls, fences, and shrubs are no longer obstacles.

If you’re in need of soil & sand placement services, give Dan Jones a call. We provide free estimates and friendly, affordable service.

Soil and Sand Placement by Dan Jones Conveyor Trucks

Soil & Sand Placement Projects

We can place soil and sand for:

  • Pipe and cable bedding
  • Filling crash barriers
  • Filling parking lot planters
  • Filling tanks
  • Vapor-barriers
  • Foundation drains
  • Garages and basements
  • Lawns & landscaping bedding
  • Sandboxes
  • Sand volleyball courts
  • Restoring shorelines
  • Drain filters
  • Ponds and reservoirs
  • And more!

Soil Placement

Whether you need soil as a construction base or for landscaping, one thing is for sure, you’ll need large amounts of soil spread evenly. We will deliver and accurately place your soil anywhere, even in large expansive areas. Our conveyor trucks can place material up to 75 feet away from our truck for quick and easy applications.

Sand Placement

Our fleet of conveyor trucks can also convey fine sand, so they can be used on building sites, on playgrounds, or for filling tanks, and more. They can even be used for beach restoration. Put away the wheelbarrow and shovel and contact us for your sand placement needs. With us, there will be no unbagging of products or cleanup.

Experts in Soil & Sand Placement

Our high-performance conveyor trucks work quickly and efficiently, saving you both time and money. If you need soil or sand placed, we have the resources and equipment you need to accelerate your project. Give us a call today to receive your free estimate. We proudly serve the Portland OR and Vancouver WA area.



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